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Loders Croklaan supplies fats and oils to the global food industry – particularly in the confectionery, bakery, margarine and large-scale frying sectors. Most of our customers have a growth strategy, whether it’s increasing their annual turnover, expanding their global presence, or diversifying their business portfolio. At Loders Croklaan, we’re eager to be a growth enabler. We partner with customers to create innovative products that enable them to respond to the latest market needs and healthy lifestyle trends.

As a financially stable company with a strong worldwide presence, we’re also able to invest on our customers’ behalf. Our extensive portfolio of healthy and cost-effective ingredients can meet the most specific product requirements. And our customers can rely on their quality, sustainability and traceability, thanks to our completely integrated supply chain.

Loders Croklaan is a subsidiary of IOI Corporation Bhd, Malaysia and has its headquarters in Wormerveer, the Netherlands. Our primary manufacturing facilities are located in the Netherlands, Malaysia and the United States.


Open Sollicitatie Sales

We staan altijd open voor sollicitaties van ambitieuze talentvolle Sales kandidaten. We bewaren je sollicitatie in file en zullen je benaderen zodra we een concrete vacature hebben. In het kader van pool building kunnen potent ...
Plaatsingsdatum 20-08-2014
Standplaats Wormerveer
Opleidingsniveau HBO
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Open sollicitatie overige vacatures

Graag ontvangen wij je open sollicitatie voor zowel locatie Wormerveer als Maasvlakte via deze weg. Alle opleidingsniveaus zijn welkom van starter/student tot professional/manager. We bewaren je gegevens en nemen contact met ...
Plaatsingsdatum 27-08-2013
Standplaats Wormerveer
Opleidingsniveau Basis/Middelbaa...
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